«I already have one foot in the grave!😞 Linda Evangelista admitted that she had a more serious illness».💔

At one time, Linda Evangelista completely turned the entire modeling world upside down. Thanks to her unique and unusual beauty, she has become one of the most sought-after models all over the world.

However, at one point her life changed, and everything changed due to the unsuccessful plastic surgery that Evangelista resorted to.

It was she who changed the model’s appearance, and she was no longer the same beauty. Subsequently, the model did not even want to look at herself in the mirror, wanting to commit suicide. It took Linda a long time to accept her new self. But even here, life has prepared a new blow for her.

Doctors diagnosed the model with breast cancer. She subsequently underwent surgery, and soon another.

But even after this, the doctors could not guarantee Linda’s full recovery, and now, according to the star, she “has one foot in the grave.” “I just enjoy every day I live. I am very glad that I am alive and will continue to live,” she noted. Did you know that Evangelista had to go through so many difficulties in her life?

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