«She believed she was acting normally as she put on her swimming suit and headed down to the beach, but everyone around her was making fun of and laughing at her. Everyone can learn a lesson from the woman’s reaction!»🤔

Heidi Powell - YouTube

Renowned fitness trainer Heidi Powell told the amazing tale of Jacqueline, who dropped 170 kg without help from a professional.

The lesson from Jacqueline’s experience is that “everything is possible.” Styleoga is committed to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and holds this belief.

The tale of Jacqueline is intricate and multifaceted. “My name is Jacqueline Adan; I’m from California, and I’ve always struggled with my weight,” the 29-year-old claimed in her writing.
“Early on, I felt self-conscious about my appearance and had an uncomfortable body image; the more upset I got about it, the more I ate.”

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