«It’s difficult to recognize her! The 47-year-old star of “Clone” in a tiny set amazes with her youthful appearance».😍🔥

When you look at Giovanna Antonelli, you can hardly believe that this beauty turned forty-seven this year. More than two decades have passed since the end of the “Clone” series; however, it seems that Zhadi has not changed at all in appearance.

Recently, the beautiful actress published several pictures where she is posing in a pink tiny set. Moreover, Antonelli published a close-up photo in which she showed her face without makeup.

At the same time, she demonstrated how well she was preserved because she did not have a single age-related wrinkle.

Fans are delighted with her new photos. After photos like this, it’s hard not to fall in love with such a Brazilian beauty.

“She doesn’t change at all”, “She has amazing natural beauty”, “Incredible beauty”, “How does she manage to look so young?”, “The most beautiful”, “Her figure is still fire,” fans write.

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