«Are you ready to be taken aback?😱 600-pound reality personality married while wearing an eye-catching bridal dress»!🙄

Despite her weight, Tammy Slayton opted to wear an open dress. Tammy and Emmy Slayton are sisters and the stars of the popular American reality show “1,000 Pound Sisters,” which follows two teenagers whose obesity threatens their lives.

At this point, they are 34 and 35 years old, respectively. Up until a few years ago, they had decided to broadcast their daily lives to millions of people in the hopes of starting to live life to the fullest and losing weight. For three seasons, the sisters struggled with their addictions and with themselves. Amy, the most successful of the sisters, is claiming surgery and is making progress in her weight loss. Amy weighed around 185 kg while filming (she has since lost nearly 50 kg), whereas Tammy weighed roughly 275 kg.

Compared to her sister, she has gained weight and is now around three hundred pounds. Tammy’s health naturally deteriorated quickly, and she was sent to a medical rehabilitation facility in Ohio that focused on treating obese patients.

She is currently undergoing therapy at the clinic for the pulmonary issues brought on by her obesity and weight loss. Tammy still feels very much that her life has a purpose. She often updates her fans on her health, posts funny videos, and reassures them that everything is well on her social media platforms.

That’s where Tammy met her fiancé, Caleb Willingham, at the rehab center. That encounter marked the beginning of the first relationship she had ever been in that wasn’t based on internet dating. The guy proposed to her at the hospital where they first met, where they had previously staged a wedding.

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