«The 15-year-old daughter of Milla Jovovich is “A Photocopy of Her Mom” in appearance😍! Who is more attractive»? 🤔

Genetics appears to be doing wonders in the world of Hollywood success, particularly in the case of Mila Jovovich and her 15-year-old daughter, Ever.

The 47-year-old actress, who is well-known for her Ukrainian ancestry, openly embraces motherhood with her three daughters, but Ever is currently grabbing headlines. Even at such a young age, Ever is making waves in movies and breaking into the fashion world by entering her mother’s glamorous world.

Fans were astounded recently when images of Ever that had been improved with makeup surfaced, showing an amazing resemblance to her well-known mother. It wasn’t lost on anyone how much Mila and Ever resembled one another. Commenters were astounded at how much of a “photocopy of Mila” Ever has become.

Observations poured in about the amazing resemblance between the mother and daughter that the genes seemed to produce. Some even claimed that Ever might be more beautiful than her mother, complimenting her uncanny likeness to Jovovich.

Nevertheless, some people expressed concern that Ever seemed to mature too soon, while others stressed the irrefutable appeal of being a “mom’s photocopy.”

Fans are still enthralled by Ever’s captivating journey, which mirrors that of her Hollywood star mother. How do you feel about Ever’s uncanny similarity to Mila Jovovich?

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