«What the strange couple looks like now: ten years after their wedding, is the discussion of the nation»!😍💕

Ten years ago, no one could have questioned the fact that these young brides and grooms had developed a meaningful connection.

There’s no denying that they made an unusual and intriguing entrance during the wedding ceremony. On their wedding day, several moments were captured in photographs. These pictures were extensively discussed at the time thanks to the internet, even though not all readers may have seen them before.

It’s true that the majority of the remarks at the time tended to be critical. Even the informals themselves were astonished by the couple’s informal manner, which garnered criticism from a variety of sources.

The wife’s “strangeness” has long since disappeared, with the husband’s continuous long hair being the only noticeable difference. She now dresses herself as a blonde, dons feminine clothing, and uses standard cosmetics.

It would be interesting to learn what their children think of the wedding pictures and their parents’ younger selves.

How soon did the children learn about their parents’ past? Let’s send this family our best wishes for enduring peace and love.

They have once again demonstrated that making one’s own decisions in life and surrounding oneself with like-minded people is what ultimately leads to true pleasure.

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