«She is fire! 🔥 Get men away from screens!🙅 Photos of 57-year-old Salma Hayek received almost 2 million likes on Instagram»!

S. Hayek has been striking fans with her unfading beauty for many years now. This passionate Mexican beauty does not change at all, and, like good wine, she only becomes more beautiful.

Recently, the actress posted several pictures on her Instagram account wearing a tiny red set.

This post received almost 2 million likes. It’s not surprising, because in the photo, the celebrity looks stunning.

Fans wrote thousands of comments idolizing the actress.

“This is a woman”, “the most beautiful in the whole world”, “I adore”, “I love her with all my heart”, “married people are forbidden to look at such a spectacle”, “What a figure”, “Hot thing,” subscribers write.

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