«She forgot to suck in her stomach😅: 53-year-old Campbell stunned fans with her appearance on vacation.She is absolutely another person»!😳

53-year-old N. Campbell is one of the most beautiful and exotic models in the world. For a long time, she was a standard beauty.

However, she recently disappointed her fans with her appearance. Campbell was on vacation not long ago. As usual, the annoying paparazzi captured her in the worst possible way. The model was wearing a swimsuit with thin garters. In these pictures, you can see with the naked eye how much she has changed; she has gained extra pounds and is not at all like herself on the catwalk.

Fans wrote a lot of comments about this. Despite some negative reviews, many fans said she still looks great. “Did you forget to suck in your stomach?” “Is this the same Naomi?”, “At her age, you can already relax.” “In my opinion, she looks great.” “Pretty,” “Still a beauty,” fans write.

EXCLUSIVE: A bikini clad Naomi Campbell, Vladimir Doronin and Edward Norton snorkeling in Hawaii.

Pictured: Naomi Campbell and Vladimir Doronin

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Picture by: T-rex / Splash News

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