«Like a young Til Schweiger: you can’t take your eyes off one of the most handsome pilots in the world:🤤😍🔥This one will conquer any beauty!»

Ideal flight attendants can delight not only passengers but also pilots. Looking at some representatives of this difficult profession, one can only marvel at the fact that they do not conquer the podium, but spend their working days sitting in a booth.

One of those who can take your breath away in the air is 34-year-old German Patrick Biedenkapp, who has been flying airplanes for 13 years.

It is worth noting that the man is well aware of his advantages.

He actively maintains a personal blog and often appears topless in front of his subscribers. Outwardly, the sky conqueror somewhat resembles his compatriot Til Schweiger, who was a heartthrob in his youth.

On social networks, Biedenkapp talks not only about himself but also about the ins and outs of his profession. And he affectionately calls his followers “my aviators.”

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