«I gained a lot of weight during this time. »What did Pierce Brosnan’s 100-kilogram wife look like at the beginning of their relationship?😳😲

Pierce Brosnan was considered one of the most attractive men in Hollywood. Back in the distant nineties, he met a girl named Kili, with whom he has lived to this day in a happy marriage.

Throughout a long time, she managed to change dramatically, gaining a lot of weight. Fans of the actor claim that his wife has completely neglected herself and does not take care of herself.

According to various sources, the woman weighs approximately 100 kg. Fans have been telling Bond for a long time to look for another girlfriend since Keely spoils the image of the Hollywood handsome man too much.

To which Pierce replied, “I love my wife the way she is.”Recently, archival photographs of the actor’s wife appeared on the Internet, where she was very thin.

Brosnan is not at all bothered by his wife’s side, and fans admire his loyalty to his other half.“The main thing is that they are happy”, “It’s already difficult for her, and then the haters add fuel to the fire”, “Any model would envy her shape then”, “She is beautiful in her way”, “Pierce is an example of male fidelity,” and “I admire Brosnan and his wife,” fans write.

What would you say about it?

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