«For the first time following claims that she is having financial difficulties, Blac Chyna is seen pleading with her ex-boyfriend Tyga for more cash as she sells clothing, handbags, and shoes».😕🤨😕

On Tuesday, Blac Chyna was spotted in front of her $3 million Encino, California house amid rumors that she has recently been having serious financial issues.

The reality actress, 35, wore black leggings with a navy and black lace guipure minidress and Louis Vuitton Beaubourg Platform Derby shoes.

On a chilly fall day in Southern California, the resident of Washington, D.C., accessorized with a Hermes Shiny Alligator Kelly purse and a black hat.

Angela Renée White, better known by her stage as Chyna, was spotted earlier in the day wearing a black blouse, gray sweatpants, and white sneakers before getting dressed up.

King, a 10-year-old boy with Tyga, 33, and Dream, a 6-year-old girl with Rob Kardashian, 36, are Chyna’s children.

She was spotted for the first time amid claims that she had to sell her own possessions in order to make ends meet as a result of the mounting costs of her legal defense against her ex-boyfriend Tyga.

Chyna’s financial difficulties and the alleged co-parenting challenges she has been having with Tyga are made clear by the documents that TMZ was able to get. As she and Tyga, 33, spar over custody of their one kid together, King, she has sought his financial support.

According to the records, Chyna has been able to pay her expenses by offering her clothes, handbags, and shoes for sale to friends, relatives, and an online consignment shop.Chyna also alleges that Tyga has been hiding crucial information and direct communication from her.



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