«I’m now at the survival stage: Shakira again spoke about breaking up with Gerard Pique»😔😫

After breaking up with Gerard Pique last summer, Shakira’s music career took off again this year. Two tracks at once, in which the 46-year-old Colombian mentioned the football player with an unkind word, became hits. She reflected on whether it was right to speak so publicly about her relationship with her ex in an interview with Billboard. And at the same time, she explained why her entire team was against such “responses to Pique.”Shakira admitted that she is still going through a difficult period in her life, even though more than a year has passed since the breakup with Pique.

I feel like a cat with more than nine lives. Every time I think I can’t get better, I suddenly get a second wind. I went through several stages: denial, anger, pain, disappointment, anger again, and pain again. Now I’m in the survival stage. And this is the thinking stage. I work hard, and when I have time with my kids, I spend it with them.

Before her recent string of hits, Shakira was at the top of the charts in the now-distant year 2016 with the track Chantaje, which she performed with Colombian singer Maluma. Shakira explains her decline in popularity by saying that all these years she has put her family and life in Barcelona first.

My priority was my home and my family. I believed in these words: “Until death do us part.” My parents have been together—I don’t know—for 50 years now. And they love each other as on the first day, with that love that is unique and inimitable. So I know it’s possible. My mother does not leave my sick father. They still kiss on the lips. And this has always been an example for me. This is what I wanted for myself and my children, but it didn’t happen. But if life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade out of them. This is exactly what I do—I make lemonade,” said Shakira.

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