«Britney Spears commented on the situation with the police calling it a joke»!😕

The other day, news came out that the police came to Britney Spears (this happened because the performer posted a video of her dancing with knives). However, they never managed to get home; the star’s security convinced them that everything was fine with her. The singer commented on the situation on the banned social network, calling it a “joke.”

The star asked that they stop following her. “The police came to my house and said they wouldn’t leave until they talked to me,” she began. “I’ve been bullied in my house for so long now. That’s enough!” The singer continued. According to her, they are now apologizing to her.

Let us remind you that in the summer, it became known that Britney Spears was divorcing her husband, Sam Asghari, a year after their marriage. After this, the singer began posting rather strange and frightening videos. However, the star was not sad for long; earlier, she posted a photo with a man.

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