«What Does Cindy Crawford’s 21-Year-Old Daughter Look Like who Eclipsed Mom on the Podium?»😍😻

Cindy Crawford’s daughter and model is  Kaia Gerber. Without the aid of her mother, the 21-year-old girl now puts in a lot of effort and earns the admiration of her followers. She is advancing in the modeling industry.

Fans will inevitably draw comparisons between her and her well-known mother, taking into account how similar the model is to her mother as she ages.

A fashion show recently took place in Los Angeles. The model opted for a 90s-styled look, complete with retro makeup and a side part.

Her appearance has even been compared to that of a vampire online, according to someone. Fans also praised the girl’s stylish appearance and stressed how much she looked like her mother.

Fans are certain that the genes have left their mark.

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