“Wrinkled skin, bags under the eyes”: 37-year-old Irina Shayk disappointed fans with her aged appearance😧😧

Disputes are flaring up on the Internet over Irina Shayk’s appearance. The 37-year-old supermodel has noticeably slowed down compared to what she was before.

Many of her fans and admirers noticed that the beauty began to look much worse than before. Her skin is wrinkled and large bags are visible under her eyes. It seems that old age has quietly overtaken this supermodel.

Despite such age-related changes, some fans still admire her beauty and praise her for choosing to age naturally, without fillers or plastic surgery.

“What happened to her?”, “Somehow she aged sharply”, “Some at her age look even better”, “She decided to age naturally”, “Leave her alone, she looks good”, and “It’s clear that she has noticeably declined “write fans.

What do you think about her appearance?

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