«Delete these photos immediately!»: Paparazzi caught 65-year-old Sharon Stone on vacation in a tiny set 😳😳😳

Intrusive paparazzi will find no reason to irritate celebrities. Recently, they pissed off Sharon Stone herself.

Now the 65-year-old actress is on vacation. The paparazzi caught her wearing a tiny set, which angered the Hollywood star. “

Delete these pictures immediately! My patience is about to run out,” she replied to the annoying paparazzi.

However, what ends up on the Internet remains there forever. Therefore, the pictures that the photographers published were seen by a very large number of users.

Despite this, fans wrote many positive comments about the actress.“She looks good for her age,” “Which of us is getting younger?”, “A person can’t have a normal rest.” “Why are you annoying her so much?”, “She’s beautiful, despite her years.” “Aren’t these paparazzi getting old?”

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