«A copy of her father»: Angelina Jolie and her daughter Vivienne charmed fans 😊😍

Angelina Jolie devotes a lot of time to her children, so it is not at all surprising that the celebrity is often spotted in the company of her heirs.

The other day, annoying paparazzi caught the actress in the company of her daughter, fifteen-year-old Vivienne. Note that the actress named her in honor of her mother.

The girl is happy to help her parent while working on Broadway. She does not receive anything for this and does it purely for herself, as she is a big fan of the theater. Fans of the actress wrote a lot of compliments to them.

“An exact copy of her father”, “She is very similar to Pitt”, “Two beauties”, “Why do celebrities always give birth to such beautiful children?”, “They look great”, “Jolie is a good mother,” fans write.

What will you say about it?



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