She Saved His Life: «Who is the Japanese Nurse Who Talked Alen Delon out of Euthanasia Look Like»?

Alain Delon, a legendary actor, recently announced his desire for euthanasia because he felt he had nothing more to gain from life.

But when he was treated by a Japanese nurse named Hiromi after having a stroke, something profound happened. Unexpectedly, Delon developed a strong love for Hiromi, which fundamentally changed his perspective on life.

With her, he discovered new meaning and happiness. As their affair gained popularity, Hiromi made hints about formalizing it. Hiromi cut off Delon from his friends and family as their relationship evolved, even going so far as to take away his phone.

Delon was worried and asked for assistance by sending a covert message through his dog’s collar to a nearby restaurant owner that said, “Save me.”

Due to Hiromi’s apparent desire for Delon’s fortune, this led to Delon’s children suing Hiromi.

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