«’One Ring’ from Magic: The Gathering, purchased by Post Malone, is worth up to $2 million».💵💲💰

In June in New York, Post Malone performed at the 52nd annual Songwriters Hall of Fame induction and awards ceremony. The rapper recently spent up to $2 million on a unique Magic: The Gathering card.
The most expensive Magic: The Gathering card ever purchased up to this point was a rare Black Lotus card that American rapper and singer Post Malone paid $800,000 for and was signed by the artist who drew it. For the unique card The One Ring, which was issued in June, he might have spent as much as $2 million.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, the evil wizard Sauron is said to have forged the One Ring for him in the flames of Mount Doom. However, Mr. Malone, an improbable hero, has acquired the trading card representation of either chance or fate—possibly both.
He obtained the one-print card from TikTok user Brook Trafton, who found it on Tuesday and posted a video to social media. Trafton examines the card as his hand trembles throughout the nearly 4 million times that the video has been seen. LET’S GO! “CHECK OUT WHAT I FOUND!” Trafton produced.

A devoted Magic player, Malone revealed on the Howard Stern Show in June 2022 how he spent $800,000 on the Black Lotus, one of the game’s rarest cards, signed by Chris Rush.
Even cards in his honor are created by him. According to PSA and other sources, the Post the Enchanter card was discontinued by Wizards of the Coast, the game’s developer and a Hasbro subsidiary, in 2021.
On Wednesday, Trafton posted a video of him meeting Malone to finalize the sale of the card on TikTok and X Corp, the social media network that replaced Twitter.

Malone laughed and gave Trafton a big bear hug, saying, “Yeah, I’ll take it.”

Trafton claimed that buying the rapper transformed his life and that he will always be appreciative.


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