«In a putative instance of “emotional empathy,” crocodiles help a puppy that is stranded in a river rather than devouring it».😲🐊

Despite having a reputation as “opportunistic predators,” the enormous reptiles chose to gently guide the dog to safety instead, which scientists believe may be evidence of “sentient behavior suggestive of cross-species empathy.”

A puppy looking for safety in a river was saved by three crocodiles, possibly exhibiting “emotional empathy.”

According to a report in the Journal of Threatened Taxa, a juvenile dog that got into the shallow waters of the Savitri River in Maharashtra, India, while being pursued by a group of feral dogs.

The three floating mugger crocodiles that started getting closer to what appeared to be certain prey were not seen by the dog.

Instead, the adult reptiles—which the Wildlife Institute of India refers to as “opportunistic predators”—pushed the dog to safety with the help of their snouts.

They even helped the dog make a safe land escape by leading him to a section of the riverbank where the feral group wasn’t present.

The publication said that this behavior may have been the result of “sentient behavior suggestive of cross-species empathy.”

The “curious” episode was not typical of crocodile behavior.
The publication noted that its interpretation of the meeting was hypothetical and stated that the crocodiles’ seeming friendliness might have simply been the result of their lack of appetite.

The strange story of the puppy that the group of crocodiles’rescued’ seems to be based more on empathy than altruistic behavior.

However, there hasn’t been much research on the mental capabilities of reptiles.


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