«While filming Euphoria, Zendaya claims she required Tom Holland’s “support and love».😏

Zendaya discussed having her partner work behind the scenes for the first time and whether or not his cameo in Euphoria was genuine.
Despite the fact that season two of Euphoria ended a few months ago, Zendaya is speaking up about the show once more and this time she’s taking us behind the scenes. She notably discusses how Tom Holland helped her during the most recent season of the show’s filming.

As you may remember, Holland acknowledged in December 2021 that he had visited the Euphoria set “at least 30 times” while promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home. Just one month later, in January 2022, keen-eyed viewers noticed Holland hiding in a cast photo released by a member of the team.
For the first time, Zendaya is speaking up about what it means to have him by her side during the filming of season two.

When questioned about Holland’s time on set and whether his presence helped her “pull out” of this season’s more emotionally taxing plots, the actor responded in the affirmative. He was speaking to Entertainment Tonight at Euphoria’s For Your Consideration event, which took place in Los Angeles on April 20.


Zendaya shared that she might need a “healthy break” before Rue makes her comeback for the previously confirmed third season. “I think it’s great to have that support and love around you because you need that,” Zendaya stated. This is not an easy profession, so having that to relieve you occasionally is a wonderful thing.

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