«Shakira’s Love Life Is Coming Back: According to reports, Jimmy Butler of the NBA is dating the Colombian singer».♥♥♥

The singer reportedly started seeing NBA player Jimmy Butler over the summer after her 11-year romance with Gerard Piqué ended due to his infidelity.

And thank you so much for inquiring, everything seems to be going well.

According to sources about the new relationship, “They are becoming closer every day,” but they also said Shakira isn’t in a rush to get married just yet. Shakira has a lot going on. Her children and work are her top priorities. She is undoubtedly hopeful about doing so.

Butler and Shakira allegedly started dating over the summer. Following her breakup, Shakira had recently moved to Florida, where Butler plays for the Miami Heat. According to Entertainment Tonight, they were spotted in July apparently having dinner together at London’s Novikov Restaurant & Bar, where observers said that they appeared to be “cozy.” The two have grown “progressively closer” since they started dating, a source told Us Weekly in August. The informant claimed that Shakira enjoys getting to know Jimmy more and that he makes her smile. She likes the way he takes the initiative in the relationship. She feels cherished because it is he who sets plans with her and pursues her.

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