«Touching!! Joe Jonas is being sued by Sophie Turner to allow for the return of their children to England!»

The nasty split between Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas just got messier. Turner is suing her ex-husband, according to fresh court records obtained by Today, to get their two kids, who are now three and one, to come back to her “forever home” in England. The actor alleges that her girls are being impermissibly detained in New York right now.


The couple, according to the source, “often discussed their desire to raise their children in England,” and even established permanent residence in Turner’s home nation back in April.

Turner’s petition claims that she and Jonas “had an argument” on August 15 and that she didn’t find out about the divorce until the news broke in the public on September 5.

The tabloids said that Turner, 27, had been filming her most recent project, Joan, in the UK while Jonas, 34, had been taking care of their children when word of the couple’s separation broke earlier this month. Later tabloid articles claimed that Turner preferred to party while Jonas preferred to stay at home with the kids, many of which supporters believe were leaked by Jonas’s staff in an effort to paint Turner as a horrible mother. It looks that Sophie Turner is now acting independently.

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