«Without Photoshop, just an old lady»: Fans barely recognized Sharon Stone, shot without embellishment 😮

This year, the famous S. Stone celebrated her 65th birthday, but, in spite of everything, she still shone and amazed with her beautiful figure and youthful appearance. At least that was the case until recently.

Judging by recent photographs taken by paparazzi during one of Stone’s walks, her former beauty has left her. Most likely, the years have taken their toll and Sharon is far from being the same as before.

Meanwhile, just a year and a half ago, the actress shone in public and gifted the world with her incredible beauty.
Now a huge number of wrinkles and spots have appeared on Sharon’s face which makes her an ordinary old woman.

At the same time, true fans still hope that the actress simply had a bad day or the paparazzi caught her at an awkward moment, as a result of which she appeared in the photo in a similar way.

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