“Bearded Man”: What does Cher’s daughter, who changed her gender back in 2010, look like now?🤐

The heiress Cher had sex reassignment surgery back in 2010. Chastity is now a guy named Chaz. The performer was not immediately able to accept her daughter’s decision and she had to gradually re-build relationships with each other.

Looking at the heiress, or already the heir of the singer, it is difficult to imagine that Chaz was once a woman. Now the man leads a full life, without remembering the period before his sex change.

In turn, users react differently to Chaz. Some support his decision, while others harshly condemn it.

“It’s a pity for Cher, I can imagine how hard it is for her because of this”, “Didn’t he think about his mother at all?”, “If this made her feel better, then that’s good”, “It’s his choice, we have no right to judge”, and “I feel sorry for his mother,” commentators write on the Internet.

What do you think about it?

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