«After Seeing Her Bad Photos…»:The Mother of Four Children Lost 60 Kilograms😱😳

This woman, who is originally from Australia weighed more than 130 kilograms at 32 years old. Chelsea Dixon has always suffered from excess weight but she did nothing about it and did not step on the scale so as not to be upset. Her weight situation got even worse when she gave birth to four children.

A woman once saw her photograph and saw from the outside the full scale of the problem. This was the beginning of her struggle for a slim body. First, she started with proper, but tasty nutrition, gave up fatty foods, and began to drink more fluids.

Sports also entered Chelsea’s life: first, walking several times a week, later running several kilometers. Now a woman can run all ten kilometers. And the result that the heroine of our article arrived at is amazing.

Dixon was able to lose 61 kilograms and changed her wardrobe to clothes that were seven sizes smaller. There is simply no limit to the heroine’s happiness. Self-confidence and love for yourself and your body also appeared. In a healthy body healthy mind!

Chelsea is a real role model for everyone who has not yet decided to take such bold steps!

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