«It’s a Real Shame: Kanye West’s new ‘wife’ strolls in Italy without a top just by using a cushion for covering» 🙈

Bianca Censori, Kanye West’s ‘wife,’ was seen wandering through Italy topless while carrying a purple cushion over her chest to conceal her breasts. This weird and alarming sighting comes as the authorities continue to look into the couple’s ‘lewd’ behavior.

Hours after DailyMail.com reported that her close friends have grown ‘extremely concerned’ about her increasingly strange behavior, the Australian architect, 28, who has worn a variety of eccentric outfits since she and the rapper, 46, started dating in January, stepped out in a pair of skin-tight nude pants and no shirt.

The Kim Kardashian lookalike, however, had nothing on when they left in the morning, leaving her breasts completely exposed behind the cushion. This suggested that the top she had been wearing the previous evening had either been torn or DIY’d with some scissors.

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