«Our Childhood’s Movie Actor». How does Buzz from Home Alone look like after 32 years! 😳😳😳

In the film Home Alone, Buzz is Kevin’s elder brother. Do you recall him? He had a strong personality and a highly striking appearance. Today, 32 years after the release of the film, we’ll show you how Buzz appears.

In 1990, the first Home Alone film was released. Unlike the other characters, Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin, was constantly the center of attention.
But many people immediately recognized the person who played the policeman in the movie. Devin Ratray played Buzz, Kevin’s older brother and the troublemaker, on that show.

Ratray appeared in the comedy Dennis the Menace after Home Alone. He made an Oscar-winning appearance in the Alexander Payne film Nebraska when he was an adult.

Additionally, he collaborated with filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, acting in the drama “Side Effect” and the interactive series “Mosaic.” He appeared most recently in the hit film “Hustlers” and the Netflix series “Matryoshka Life.”

Devin Ratray maintains a low profile and stays away from social gatherings, in contrast to many other celebrities. On his Instagram, he doesn’t post a lot about his personal life.

He still enjoys acting today and takes on infrequent parts in films and TV series.

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