«Has Put On Weight And Is Not As Handsome As He Was In Childhood»🤔🤔The boy from “Terminator” is utterly unrecognizably different!

The little actor from “Terminator,” Edward Furlong, is now 46 years old. He rose to fame and was loved by many girls in the 1990s when the movie was a smash hit.

But once his popularity peaked, he stopped appearing in movies and appeared to have been forgotten. Recently, a picture of Edward that showed him in a significantly different light went viral on the Internet, reminding people of his earlier cinematic accomplishment.

It seems that Edward struggled to cope with his quick rise to stardom. Some accounts claim that he started using narcotics, such as “angel dust,” after getting connected with the wrong crowd.

It comes as quite a shock when you see new photos of him because he has put on a lot of weight and no longer resembles the appealing young man from the well-known movie.

Do you recognize him?

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