«Thick thighs in granny pantaloons»: Paparazzi noticed rounded Johansson in a strange-looking bikini on trip 

The most well liked actress within the trade exhibits her rounded physique in granny pantaloons 😱😳

Esteemed and world-renowned American actress S. Johansson has lately been noticed on trip. The profitable movie star who was as soon as referred to as «probably the most engaging actress» has modified vastly and gained some additional kilos.

Completely nobody can imagine their eyes since Johansson appears nothing like herself. Many even joked about her strange-looking bikini including that she by chance placed on granny pantaloons.

The scandalous paparazzi images instantly went viral and have become the principle subject of heated discussions.

«How lengthy did we sleep? I can’t imagine my eyes», «How a lot she has gained!», «What occurred to the most well liked actress?».

«What unsuccessful swimwear! It emphasizes her rounded stomach and large thighs».

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