Heartwarming Concord: Parrot Turns into Loving Caretaker, Serenading New child with Soothing Lullabies

Cockatiel sings to child! 🦜❤️👶

Though many individuals suppose that parrots aren’t pleasant, in actual fact they’re very loving creatures. Right here’s an awesome instance of it!

Have you ever ever seen a parrot singing a lullaby for a new child child? In fact, not all birds are secure for kids, so ensure it’s secure earlier than letting infants close to them.

This cute cockatiel is a caretaker for the household new child child. He’s well-trained, so the dad and mom confidently enable him to come back nearer to the kid.

When the infant was born, everybody was fearful about their relationship, however the parrot grew to become his caretaker because the first day.

He not solely makes the infant blissful, but additionally sings a lullaby for him. His chirping makes the infant calmer and he simply sleeps beneath it.


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