A pony who has lost his mother meets a mare who has lost a foal.

Horses are beautiful and strong creatures, but they are no different from humans in that they can go through emotional times. Zindita nearly foaled, but sadly, while she survived, her foal did not. Sadly, while she survived, her foal did not. Her mother was devastated by the loss of her. But where God closes one door, he opens another. Just two days after Zindita’s loss of her foal, another filly lost her mother at her birth.
Both horses suffered losses, but the wonderful doctors at Equicetion saw an opportunity they couldn’t seize. They were about to bond the two. Fortunately, when the little horse gets big and strong, it can be a useful horse, such as those that help recovering veterans. Zindita’s life was in danger because she had given birth early and the baby was upside down in the womb. The team managed to save her, but the baby was stillborn.

As a mother, Zindita was distraught. But there was a child who needed Zindita! She was introduced to the filly and their bond was strong. Equiceрtion posted a photo of the two just an hour after their presentation and it went viral.
Zindita took the baby in her arms as if she had given birth. She nurses the foal and keeps it close. The little filly was given a name, Listen Good (Feel Good x Yolanda).

I really hope you listen! “It’s quite rare that the mare accepts the filly with such enthusiasm and love,” Dr. Patrick Brogan, the doctor who saved Zindita’s life, told G1X. “Zindita immediately fell in love with the filly”. Equiceрtion, where Zindita and Listen Good are currently based, was started by Dr. Brogan. It is a company specialized in the veterinary monitoring of horse reproduction.

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