When age is not a barrier. A 61-year-old grandmother wins a beauty contest

You don’t have to be a star in the entertainment world to be beautiful as an adult. Svetlana Gass, a resident of Odessa, looks 35 years old, while in reality she is already 61. She Says that she has so far not realized that she is already retired.

Svetlana willingly shares the secret of her youth: she doesn’t waste time sitting in the corridor discussing TV shows, but rides a bicycle, takes yoga classes, enjoys walking and pilates. Her favorite pastime is swimming. She eats exceptionally healthy and always eats cottage cheese. And the main secret of her beauty is her diet. As Svetlana says, it is imperative to get enough sleep, go to bed early and get up at six in the morning.

In addition, Svetlana has her own beauty salon, where she does manicures for elderly women who cannot afford them. And if Gass had known three years ago that she would become a model, he would never have believed it. Then her daughter applied to a beauty contest in Bulgaria – “Miss Nonna”. At first Svetlana refused, but thanks to the persuasion of her daughter, it went anyway. And not in vain, she was recognized as the most charming grandmother.

Now Gass thinks differently, she has already applied to participate in other beauty contests, she is very serious and will win one hundred percent.

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