The heroic boy throws himself down a manhole to save the kitty!

He is absolutely a hero! What a lovely person who did this to save a little kitty, good job. The way he hugs the kitten shows how much you love him. Wonderful!

Recently, a small tabby kitten waved hello into a car engine near a parking lot. When the driver returned to his vehicle, the kitten leapt out and ran for cover.

As a result, she went straight into storm force and got stuck in the storm drain. Terrified, she kept screaming for help until her voice was hoarse.
When Avi Kuzi noticed the kitten trapped in the gutter, the brave man dived into the gutter through a small manhole to save the stray little kitten.

Avi said: “I’m always there for them, the animals, no matter how tough the road.” It turns out that Avi is an animal rescuer from Israel who has saved thousands of animals thanks to his heroic efforts. And all of his motivation to continue this work comes from his deep love for animals.

Avi informs us that the little cat is fine. The kitten will undoubtedly find a new family that will adore him forever. Is fantastic!

You really are a GOOD MAN. Thank you so much for taking care of this little creature. She says a lot about you!

We admire people like him… we are grateful to people like him…

God bless you for saving one of his adorable pets. Spread the good news by sharing this story!

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