He has saved about 20,000 animals. American orthopedist puts prostheses on cats, camels and even elephants

This kind person is American orthopedist Derrick Campana. He managed to save and make life easier for 20,000 animals by making artificial limbs and special braces for them. In addition, he also records educational videos for vets.

Initially, the man wanted to make prostheses for people. But an accident decided everything. One day his dog, a Labrador named Charles, needed help. He injured his leg and the man tried to give him a prosthesis. After he succeeded, he decided to only work with animals.

Back in 2005, Derrick managed to create an animal care company with Animal Ortho Care prosthetics. Make prostheses for all animals – they can be both pets and zoo animals.

Over the years of his work, Derrick has gathered a huge client base. He has made prosthetics for dogs, cats, goats, foxes, camels, horses, gazelles, sheep and even elephants. There are patients that the orthopedist has not seen in person, as he is treated from all over the world.

Remote work with patients is organized like this: the company sends the owner of the pet a kit, with which you can determine the shape of the limb. After the measurement procedure, the owners send the sample back. Based on the data provided, the Animal Ortho Care specialists make a personal prosthesis in thermoplastic materials.

Derrick Campana is a member of Animal Planet’s Heroes Among Us. They showed him two weeks’ work in Arizona and a trip to Africa, where he installed an orthopedic splint on the leg of elephant Jabu.

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