Three years ago, doctors separated one-year-old conjoined twins. How are the children now?

In July 2016, twins Erin and Abby Delaney were born, such an event was supposed to bring great joy to parents, but in this case the joy was replaced by a feeling of anxiety.

The babies were born 10 weeks ahead of schedule, each weighing 900 grams. But the worst part was that their brains were spliced ​​and the doctors didn’t give predictions.

But the parents themselves did not even think of giving up, they pulled themselves together and decided to do everything for their daughters, to use the most miserable chances, if only to help them.

When Erin and Abby were 11 months old, the doctors decided on the most difficult operation, but did not give any guarantees, there was a very high risk of death of one of the sisters.

The operation lasted 11 hours, the children were separated and, fortunately, both survived.

At the moment, the girls are almost 4 years old. They feel good.

“I admire our little ones. They are so gorgeous and are true heroes. They had to go through such difficult trials, but they all survived,” says the girls’ mother, Heather Delaney.

The doctors were satisfied with the operation, they regularly monitor how the girls grow and develop, and this gives them hope for the same successful operations in the future.

By the way, this operation was the first in the history of medicine when conjoined twins were separated at such an early age.

Due to Erin’s skull not being as badly damaged, she was able to recover faster than Abby, who remained at risk of hemorrhage and infection for some time.

Before the operation itself, the doctors warned the parents that there were many risks. The entire separation process was guided by Dr. Gregory Hoyer. To stretch the skin on the baby’s head, doctors put special balls into their skulls.

“I can admit that we ourselves were afraid. But we’ve been trying to shut down these emotions and operate on the kids no matter what,” Dr. Hoyer shared.

After the operation, the children were put into an artificial coma so their bodies could recover from the stress.

Both girls are now undergoing therapy to restore brain function that did not develop when they were coupled.

Naturally, in the next few years, the sisters will undergo more operations: their skulls will be reconstructed and the missing bones inserted.

Happy parents Erin and Abby are very grateful to the doctors that their girls grow up next to them and very much hope that they have a happy and amazing life ahead of them, which they deserve, having survived such trials.

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