who was behind the disturbing image of Pepper from American Horror Story (photo)

A naive girl named Pepper has become one of the brightest characters in the American Horror Story series. The make-up artists needed hours of work to get the desired image of a scary heroine with developmental disabilities. And she played the role of a very pretty actress.

While Pepper’s appearance seemed repulsive, he actually couldn’t hurt a fly. There was no malice in the naïve circus performer’s eyes, and her conscience was crystal clear, like a child’s. Such her on the screen was embodied by actress Naomi Grossman.

For filming, the artist had to shave his head and sit in the dressing room chair for three hours every shooting day, writes Culturology. Fake ears, a nose, several layers of fake skin and fake teeth did their job. The beautiful actress turned into an eccentric, the sight of which made the audience tremble.

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