this unusual couple surprises people all over the world (photo)

Sean Stevenson has built a career as a motivational speaker. Osteogenesis imperfecta, in which his bones are incredibly fragile, and he is confined to a wheelchair, hasn’t stopped him from becoming a famous and successful speaker. However, she gained the greatest fame thanks to his personal life, because his chosen one Mindy Niss is almost a meter taller than him.

The future spouses were introduced in 2009 by their mutual friend. From the first days of their relationship, the lovers publicly condemned, because many were sure that Mindy was dating Sean only for the money.

Indeed, an unusual couple sincerely love each other. They have repeatedly admitted that they are happy together and do not pay attention to the difference in height and other differences.

“I’m happy to be Mindy’s husband. Not a day goes by that I don’t tell her that I love,” Sean said in an interview.

Husband and wife talk about their lives on social media. According to the fans, they proved by their example that true feelings have no barriers.

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