This mother prepares 426 meals in advance for the whole family: “They last us 8 months”.

Eating is certainly a moment of relaxation, but we often have no idea what to prepare for lunch or dinner, especially if we also have to cook for our children. When it comes to having to cook for everyone, many moms like to plan and prepare lunch or dinner at least a few days in advance. Kelsey Shaw, a 30-year-old mother from Crown Point, Indiana, USA, has taken advance meal prep to the next level. Let’s see what she did.

Kelsey cooked a total of 426 meals, which will feed the family for the next eight months. Kelsey and her husband Nathaniel, 30, decided to move from Highland, Indiana, to their two-acre farm in Crown Point in September 2017 to raise their three children in the wilderness. “When we moved to the farm, we wanted to live more slowly and we wanted to know what we were eating and where it came from,” explains the author. Living on a farm, most of the food she stocks is grown by herself. It’s hard work, but the young mother has learned to preserve many foods, from pickles to beef stew. Most of the food stored in her pantry is grown by herself. “I spend at least two hours a day in the garden and the food preservation process can take days or several stages. Organizing her 426 meals requires a total preparation time of about three months. However, Kelsey enjoys doing this activity.

Preserving food takes time, but I’m passionate about it and every time I open the pantry I’m proud of a job well done,” she commented. The secret to making everything work is to focus on one task at a time. For example, if I pick all the peppers one day, I’ll focus on preserving them and the next day I’ll switch to tomatoes. By having a garden, Kelsey is able to keep up with the seasons, preparing fresh food from their farm during the summer months and using the prepared meals during the winter months. “That way I never have to worry about making dinner if it’s been a busy day,” she commented.

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