“So no one goes hungry.”

Enough, sometimes we exaggerate and unknowingly attack the weakest and most innocent individuals, without thinking that in such a situation one can be on the side of evil. And who is able to right all the wrongs of this world? Nobody, unless someone rolls up their sleeves and decides to talk. Like this brave father, who is on everyone’s lips after deciding to pay off all the school canteen debts to allow the poorest children to have access to food.

The father we want to tell you about today is Simon Harris, he has four children who attend the Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle school in the Welsh town of Penygroes, and he has put his word against the headmaster’s decision to withdraw the canteen service from all families, and therefore to all the young pupils, who had not yet paid their debts.
The controversy erupted when the principal, Neil Foden, wrote to parents in a letter that the school cook had been instructed not to serve food to any child “unless their debt has been paid”; in short, no child would get food from the cafeteria if his parents owed the school even a penny. It was madness that Simon Harris could no longer bear.

For his part, Neil Foden, the school’s principal, said: “We don’t want to generalize, but we are aware that parents who can afford to pay continue to fail to pay and fail to pay off their debts, and in the meantime the school goes into deficit , something has to be done!”.
To put an end to this unfortunate situation, Simon Harris has decided to pay off the parents’ debt to the school by paying the sum of £ 1,800 out of his own pocket, thus putting an end to the madness that prevents many of these children from accessing the canteen services in case of necessity. “I just made this heartfelt offer to Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle school management on Twitter. I will cover their entire cafeteria shortfall if it stops the madness of excluding potentially hungry children. I’m only interested in stopping the madness and feeding the children.”

A wonderful gesture for a very, very special dad!

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