An animal-loving vet tries sleeping in a frozen doghouse to show how dogs suffer when left outside in the winter

Veterinarian Ernie Ward believes animals deserve the same care as humans. To demonstrate that kennels are not ideal shelters, Dr. Ward decided to spend the night, and he did so in the dead of winter.
Using his phone, Dr. Ward filmed the entire event and shared his experience with the world. The video is interesting and painful to watch.

For years dogs have been considered outdoor animals, lucky if housed in a stable or kennel. While many argue that animals are ‘made for the cold’, others strongly disagree. Although Dr Ward wanted the video to be realistic, he still started the evening wearing winter clothes to keep warm. Climbing into his doghouse, Dr. Ward curls up on himself throughout the night, but the increasingly low temperatures make it impossible to stay comfortable, as reported here by Pawbuzz.

As he shivered inside the doghouse, Dr. Ward commented that his leg had gone numb from the cold. After four hours, the temperature had dropped to just 15 degrees and ice had formed on the vet’s nose. Despite his efforts to stay out all night, Dr. Ward can’t stand it. After four hours in the cold, he packs up and goes inside.

After his harrowing experience in the kennels, Dr Ward is now convinced that dogs should be indoors with their owners during the winter months. He said an animal suffers if left in the cold. Even the animals in the kennels are not the only ones. Dr Ward stressed that homeless animals have a terrible life and that people should report them so they can be placed in shelter rather than left to suffer in the cold.

You can watch Dr. Ward’s full video to see his reaction to the cold. Send this message to let people know that it is cruel to leave dogs outside in the winter.

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