Nine firefighters work in the same barracks and become fathers at the same time

The birth of a child is always an important moment in the life of a couple and fills the new parents, relatives and friends with joy. In general, the people involved make the event public and like to share their happiness, and if someone close to the family is experiencing the same situation at the same time, everything becomes much more enjoyable. In a similar circumstance, some work colleagues, firefighters, got together to talk about their lives and discovered that they were expecting a baby at the same time. The most incredible thing is that this coincidence happened not to two, not three, not four, but nine firefighters.

Employed at the same fire station in Rancho Cucamonga, California, the nine firefighters gradually discovered that they were all in the same situation: their partners were pregnant and all at the same time. I remember that when we found out it was all very strange,” says one of the protagonists. At first there were six of us, then we said it was a mistake, then there was the seventh, then the eighth and then the ninth and we couldn’t believe it. It was impossible. Nevertheless!

Born four months apart and within close proximity of each other, the nine children quickly became web celebrities. Intrigued by what happened and even a little amused, members of the department shared a post on Facebook to celebrate the occasion. “Say hello to the new little members of the Rancho Cucamonga firefighter family!” reads the little one’s introduction post. Nine babies were born between March and July and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture this special moment. We are thrilled to see our firefighter family continue to grow.

Episodes like this always bring happiness and wonder. It is by no means obvious that such coincidences occur. It may happen that some sister or brother is expecting a child at the same time, but to read that nine colleagues become parents within a few months is truly incredible. But it’s true, and the pictures prove it. To best capture it, the children were photographed in firefighter attire and lounging on fire jackets. This naturally brought the families and wives of the firefighters closer together, sharing experiences, giving advice and also supporting each other. A great event and so many emotions experienced together that we are sure these parents will be eager to tell their children when they are older.

We can only look at them with kindness and wish the children and their families a bright future and lots of happiness.

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