England’s World Cup team mates befriend stray cat at hotel, give him a new home

In recent weeks, football fans from all over the world have been captivated by the FIFA World Cup. It’s always exciting to cheer on your home country, even if it often ends in disappointment when they are eliminated.

UK fans were left with that disappointment last weekend when England were knocked out following a quarter-final defeat, but it turns out they didn’t go home empty-handed after all, as one sweet story reveals.

While staying in Qatar for the World Cup, the team found an unexpected new mascot. They were having dinner at the hotel on the first day of their arrival when a stray cat approached them.

They named the cat Dave, and after I fed him some food, the cat became attached. “Every night, he’s sitting there waiting for his food,” said teammate John Stones.

Dave quickly became a fan favorite and an unofficial mascot for the team’s quest for World Cup glory.

Teammate Kyle Walker was asked about Dave at a press conference and confirmed that the team was looking to bring the cat home with them.

“I hope I can keep my promise where I said he would come home with us if we won the World Cup,” Walker told reporters.

England didn’t win the World Cup, but still kept their promise to adopt their new feline friend.

In a Facebook post, the Qatar Animal Welfare Society confirmed the news: “Yes, it’s official, Dave is coming home.”

“He will be back with the team. They are still undecided who will get it, but he will come back,” a source told reporters, according to the Daily Mail.

Before his trip to his new home in the UK, Dave will have to wait for four months of quarantine “while he prepares for his new life,” wrote the well-being company. He has received vaccinations and is entrusted to the care of a family home.

Stones and Walker reportedly ‘adopted’ the cat in Qatar, so it seems likely they’ll be the ones to look after Dave when he arrives in the UK.

“He was just there one day so we’ve just adopted him, me and Stonesy,” Walker said. “Dave is welcome to the table. Some people really don’t like the cat, but I love him.”

England may not have won the World Cup, but they didn’t go home empty handed! Thanks to the kind jocks who have given Dave a great new home! ⚽️❤️

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