An old woman who had left 730 euros in taxis and

When faced with a large sum of money lost to a stranger, many people may hesitate before doing the right thing. It’s normal for the thought of keeping money to yourself to creep into your mind, but the important thing is to let your conscience take over and try to do the right thing. This is what happened to Isaac Ackon, a Ghanaian taxi driver and father of three who, on any given day, found no less than 730 euros in cash on the seat of his car. Instead of pocketing the money, Isaac found the customer who had forgotten it and personally went to his house to return it.

It took Isaac a few days to find the woman, a fishmonger, but he eventually succeeded. The woman, amazed by the taxi driver’s not-so-obvious gesture, bursts into tears and hugs him tightly. Her emotional reaction caught the attention of neighbors, who filmed the scene and shared it on TikTok.

In the video, which immediately went viral, the taxi driver is seen returning the money, while the shopkeeper cries in amazement and tells the whole neighborhood about the taxi driver’s generous gesture. The lady’s neighbors join her in giving the taxi driver a hug and thanking him for the rare honesty shown to the old woman, who reveals she was unable to sleep for days after losing her money.

The taxi driver’s kind gesture prompted Ghanaians to pay their respects. The country’s vice president also joined the man in making an impressive €1,300 donation. As if that weren’t enough, other Ghanaians, including a famous local musician, donated €330, while another journalist added €165. Other citizens donated a total of around 1,000 euros in cash.

When Isaac was asked why he returned the money, he replied, “Because of my Christian values.” Honestly, the money was in an envelope which I opened just to understand the contents. As soon as I saw the banknotes, I immediately knew that I had to return them, I didn’t even count them,” he explained.

What would you have done in his place?

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