They go out to dinner with their grandchildren, see a 90-year-old man alone and invite him to eat with them.

Being elderly means having a lot of experience, having lived through many different situations, being able to talk and share, but what if you are alone and you don’t have many opportunities to socialize and loneliness becomes oppressive? As in the case of the man we are about to tell you about.
But fortunately, even at 90, life holds surprises, putting the right people in the path of a lonely man or woman, as in this case. We tell you a touching episode of generosity, kindness and altruism.

A while back, Ali and Chris went to a restaurant in Yarrawonga, Australia for dinner with their two grandchildren. On a typical evening, something new happened. As they sat at the table eating dinner, they noticed an elderly man eating alone. Everyone has experienced similar scenes at some point, but few of us thought we’d act the way Ali and Chris did.
Something clicked in the minds of the two people and in the blink of an eye they decided to invite the solitary man to sit with them and eat their meal. So they sent their 8-year-old granddaughter to Phil, the elder’s name, and invited him to sit at their table. The 90-year-old didn’t hold back and delighted everyone with stories from his life.

Helen, Ali’s sister, then posted the story on the Facebook group “The Kindness Pandemic”, so that as many people as possible could participate and learn about a simple act of kindness that does not seem to be taken for granted in today’s world.
I was moved when my sister told me what happened. It’s not often that we witness such acts and it’s good when they happen because we can also regain some faith in the world and in humanity. My sister did something like this: if they were our parents, would she be happy that someone else invited them to the table instead of leaving them alone? The answer was yes and so she did.

Good. An obvious reasoning that perhaps we all should do in similar situations. When Ali got up to pay the bill, he was in for a surprise: someone had already done it for her. Yes, a table that had witnessed the scene and had appreciated the elderly man’s gesture had decided to offer everyone dinner.
Generosity, after all, always begets more generosity, and that’s a wonderful thing. Let’s take this example and do something to help make the world we live in a better place.

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