“I prefer to help the less fortunate

What is the thing that makes children happiest on their birthday? The answers are many: being the center of attention, having the affection of loved ones, receiving good wishes, celebrating with friends, eating your favorite cake and, perhaps most importantly, receiving many gifts. This is how most children feel, but not all.

An exception to this rule is a 9-year-old boy who recently became famous on the web for making an original and important decision about his birthday. Let’s find out.

Belmond Schwartz is a 9-year-old boy from Mansfield, Massachusetts who rose to Internet fame for a big initiative. The boy, like many others, had always celebrated his birthday being the center of attention and surrounded by the love of his family and friends, until something changed.

During a trip with his parents Steven and Lily, he realized how many people live in poverty and in very different conditions from his. The situation of women, men and children like him led him to make an important decision: he would no longer ask for presents for his birthday, but would collect food for the less fortunate.

Thus, little by little, a real solidarity movement was born which led to the foundation of Belmond’s Wish, a non-profit organization that specifically deals with collecting basic necessities for the most disadvantaged. The boy, born on the eve of Thanksgiving Day, collected many products and a lot of money to distribute them to his fellow citizens in need.
A gesture that honors him and serves as an example to many. Sometimes we are amazed at how good children can be and what lessons they can teach adults with simple but genuine gestures. Belmond is one of these and the choice of him could not be more beautiful and original. It has been incredible to see how people have responded to her ideas and requests,” commented mum Lily. She gave up on her birthday presents and everyone believed in him. He has always told me that if each of us gives up something, however small, he will be part of the bigger picture and make a difference.

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