They take their children to a restaurant and a stranger leaves them a note.

A child changes your life. It is an expression that is often heard by new parents, excited but at the same time overwhelmed by the new arrivals in the family. In this phase of life, we often notice the changes that have taken place in the last period, identifying a “before” and an “after”. Raising children isn’t easy, nor is raising them well. Yet Ryan and Maggie, parents of five wonderful children, received a wonderful surprise as they left the restaurant where they were having dinner. A note from a complete stranger complimenting the way they raised their children…

Ryan and Maggie are a happily married American couple with five beautiful children. With seven of them now living under the same roof, they’ve had to start adjusting to the new challenges of daily life. Sometimes it’s not easy for a large family to organize an evening at a restaurant. With such a large number of people, even the simple drive to their destination can be a challenge. However, Ryan and Maggie’s family does not lack organization. After years and years of constant practice and improvement, they have learned to manage their large family even on the most complex journeys.

That’s why being good at the restaurant table is child’s play for this happy family. For this reason, when they traveled to Rico’s Hacienda with five children ranging in age from 4 to 14, the restaurant managers (and customers) were concerned that things might get a little messy…

One customer in particular was so impressed by the Bokorst family’s behavior that he decided to leave a note at the cash register to congratulate the two parents: “I asked for the check and the waiter gave me a note along with the receipt. At first I didn’t know what it was, so I decided to open it. Once I read it, I remember being blown away,” Ryan said.

The ticket read:

Sir, I was very impressed with your family tonight. I see that your children are polite and courteous and this is, in part, thanks to you. You should be proud as parents. You both did an excellent job. It was a pleasure having you for dinner tonight. Your family is a breath of fresh air and it was lovely having dinner with you. I wish you a good life and may God protect you always.

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