The stewardess daughter is on duty on Christmas Day – the father

We know that every parent would do anything to make their child happy. No matter how big or small they are, a mum and a dad will always remain so and their only desire will be to be next to their child and give him all the love they are capable of.
The father at the center of this story knows something about it, a man who, to make sure his daughter doesn’t spend the holidays alone, did something wonderful and made her happy. We tell you their story.

The vicissitudes of life can, sooner or later, lead anyone to move away from home and to have to spend varying periods of time away from their loved ones. Nobody likes this, especially during the holidays, a time of year when people get together and spend time surrounded by the warmth of family. However, this would not have been the case for young Pierce Vaughan.
Employed as a stewardess and at the beginning of her career, the young woman was assigned to Christmas shifts, which did not allow her to stay with her parents. This didn’t make her, nor her mom and dad happy. What can be done? Hal Vaughan, father of the young woman, decided to do something special for her little girl.

He couldn’t expect his daughter to switch teams and go home, so he arranged with his wife to book all the flights his daughter would take and, flying back and forth around the world, this was the way to spend Christmas. together with her. Hal was the first to depart Ocean Springs, Mississippi, before being joined by his wife, who would embark later.
Mike Levy, a passenger on one of Hal’s booked flights, learned of the story and was able to talk to him about what the two parents had decided to do. Sitting next to him, Mike was deeply moved by this gesture and decided to make it public. He took two photos, one with the man and one with the young hostess, and shared them on the web.

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