A teenage girl gave birth at 14 and

Rachel Campi became pregnant at 14 and dropped out of school. But that hasn’t destroyed her teenage mother. She promised herself that she would not give up. She that she would work and study hard to give the little girl the best childhood of hers.

Now Rachel is graduating holding hands with her 6-year-old daughter and has shared heartwarming photos on social media. Rachel studied at several schools, then at York College and finally entered the university. In this long and difficult journey, little Lilly-Rose was for her mother the main source of motivation to go forward and not give up. At one point, it wasn’t easy for Rachel at all.

He describes his condition as follows: “It was very difficult morally and mentally. It felt like I was walking in the dark, but Lilly-Rose gave me light. There were a lot of difficult moments in my freshman year of college. I doubted my strength, I thought I couldn’t do it, I walked down the hall and cried, I was about to drop out of school wondering why I was in such a difficult situation. However, mother and daughter succeeded. And they even wrote their mother’s last work together. Lilly-Rose was doing her homework and Rachel was preparing for her final exam. Rachel recently graduated with a BA in Counseling Psychology. The day of the graduation ceremony was full of emotional moments. Lilly-Rose, of course, was in attendance.

Rachel says the little girl watched in awe as her mother put on her graduation cap. And during the ceremony itself, Lilly-Rose corrected the presenter who, calling her mother on stage, had mispronounced her last name. “She is my mother!” the girl added. Rachel Campi has no intention of stopping. She has a lot of energy, she wants to be a speaker and is already an ambassador for MindMate and the National Health Service (NHS). Rachel addresses all those who doubt their own abilities: “You can do anything, you just have to really want it”.

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