The newborn welcomes his father with a radiant smile because he recognizes his father’s voice, who always spoke to him.

Flávio Dantas lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The man dreamed of becoming a father. And now a beautiful daughter was born, named Antonella. She was born on Father’s Day in Brazil.

From the first moment of her birth, when she heard her father’s voice, the newborn welcomed him with a radiant smile.

He often spoke with his daughter when his wife Tarsila Rosa Cordeiro Batista was pregnant.

And now she has received the fruit of her efforts, the charming smile of her sweetheart.

The doctors placed the baby on her mother’s chest.

The little girl was sleeping, but when she heard her father’s voice she opened her eyes and smiled sweetly.

That wonderful innocent smile melted the heart of Flávio and his wife.

“When I was pregnant, my husband was always talking to his baby. He said he loves him madly and looks forward to his birth.

And every time he spoke, I felt the baby move in my tummy. Batista told Só Notícia Boa.

According to specialists, the fetus perceives sounds as early as 16 weeks and at 26 weeks it is already able to hear the sounds of the internal world.

So Antonella had time to hear her father’s voice and get used to it.

A member of staff filmed these special moments and the captivating footage made the rounds on the internet.

“It is difficult to explain the feelings I had at that moment.

Whenever I spoke to my daughter when she was in my wife’s tummy, I spoke tender words to her and cuddled her with my voice,” Dantas said.

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